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Manufacturing Molds

What is Molding?


Molding machines are commonly used in the manufacturing industry. A variety of methods are known for molding components, including injection molding and compression molding.

  • In conventional injection molding, heated polymeric material is forced into a mold cavity and allowed to cool, thereby giving the polymeric material its final shape.

  • In conventional compression molding, material is placed in an open mold cavity. The mold is closed, and pressure is applied to force the material to flow within the mold cavity. Typically, heat is also applied to assist the flow of the material throughout the mold cavity. The heat and pressure are maintained until the molding material has cured.

Molds proudly manufactured by us:

Nebulizer Mask and Medicine Cup Molds


2 Mold
1 Mold
Oxygen 3d

Vaginal Speculum Mold

Airfan Mold

Airfan 5
Airfan 4
Airfan 2
Airfan 1
Airfan 3
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